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Dominic Jackson aka Dark Prince - RIP 3rd October 2015


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So sorry to hear this. Poor bloke. My Dad died of the same thing quite suddenly years ago.
My thoughts are with his family and friends. R.I.P. buddy.


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Sad News ... thoughts & prayers to the family.

The Franconian

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Sorry to hear that mate.
Dark Prince here
and a woman from our FC Nürnberg supporters gang. I knew her since 1978, wife of a good mate.
Hundreds of home and away matches having good fun.
That's life, bringing good and evil.
So, right said in that header banner (or whatever this is called)
"...live for today..."


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I never met the bloke but i know he was well thought of..sad news for friends and family and the communtiy


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Bugger, condolences to friends and family.