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Report - Don Valley Stadium - Sheffield - February 2014


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Hi all, This is my first post so I apologize if I have missed something or done something I shouldn't have.

I took a trip out to Don Valley Stadium with TANK in Feb, I was desperate to visit here before it all got knocked down as I actually worked here for a while. At the time of working there, there was rumours of its closure. I couldn't believe that such an iconic place in Sheffield could be just ripped down!

Don Valley was originally built in 1990, to host the 1991 World Student Games, it cost of £29m. There was a large petition against knocking down the stadium but it was too much of a drain on the councils funds. It closed in September 2013 due to the unsustainable losses it was generating (£700,000 last year alone). Although the stadium has been largely funded by the public taxpayer since its opening, it is being removed and a smaller replacement is due to open on Woodburn Road. There was supposed to be a sports complex built in its place but there are no plans as yet for this.

This place holds many memories for many people as it held such events like Michael Jackson and U2 gigs, and lots of other sporting events such as the annual sheffield half marathon and the weekly rugby games.


The last remaining stand

Crumpled metal


Thanks for looking
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