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Lead or Rumour info - Doncaster Gate Hospital/Council Offices - Rotherham


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Hi all, just an update about the above Hospital.
According to tonight"s local Look North News report, is that whilst protesters are still..........protesting outside (ironically :) regarding the waste of yet another classic building (for the cameras ?) The Council spokesman said as no parties could be found to take over the Building in any shape or form, and as it was costing the Council £100,000 per year just to hold the building in "status" ? that Demolition work has already commenced.

To what degree ? which may be curtailed anyway once they find Asbestos ........shock !



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I went to look at this last month, the signs were saying its only part of the place which is going, the hospital areas are still live with the offices, or was, perhaps this has changed in a month.