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Report - Doncaster High School for Girls, Doncaster - July 2014 - [22 pics]


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Doncaster High School for Girls was designed by J. M. Bottomley and G. T. Wellburn of Leeds and built in 1910. 1935 saw the addition of a first floor to each wing and relocation of the hall from the ground floor to the new first floor. The school consolidated with Doncaster Grammar School in 1971 and became known as Hall Cross Comprehensive. After merging with the boy’s grammar school it went by the name Hall Cross Comprehensive School before relocating and leaving this building vacant.

As part of Doncaster’s regeneration scheme for the Waterdale area, the school is now being partially demolished.

“Internal strip out work will start shortly with demolition planned in the coming months.
The Council House, Civic Theatre and Scarborough House will be totally demolished, while the architecturally significant central frontage of the Girls School will be retained. The works are scheduled to be completed in August and will see the sites primed for redevelopment.
This is part of the council’s plans to reduce their 461 buildings, which cost £12million per year to run, by 70 per cent.â€

South Yorkshire Times- January 16th, 2014

I’ll apologise now for the slight HDR you might notice in some photos. Unfortunately I’m only using an iPhone as a camera for now and used these images where the original has turned out unusable: getting good pictures out of a phone is always difficult when there’s very little light. Also there’s been no post processing so there is some wonkiness etc. that I really should’ve fixed. I’ve got a lot to learn but I promise I’ll have better in the future.

Regardless of the obvious lack of photographic skills, I thought it'd be worth posting this report as I can't see a recent report on the place. At the time of visiting I didn't realise its demolition was imminent so this could be the last you'll see of this place.

























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Nice ones :thumb

Not bad for a phone considering the conditions in there :)

Funny i"ve been on about this place for ages, but always put off by the slight Police presence :D


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28DL Full Member
nice work, not bad for a phone :)

good work getting in and i really like that shot of the hall xx
There isn't a shot of the hall there :rolleyes:

Good work, looking very trashed now unfortunately.

Demo is ongoing but not clear how much they are actually taking down.


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There isn't a shot of the hall there :rolleyes:

Good work, looking very trashed now unfortunately.

Demo is ongoing but not clear how much they are actually taking down.
Unfortunately the hall was absolutely pitch black. Spent a while in there with torches but there was no way I could've got a single decent picture in there.


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Decent report, mate :thumb

I noticed a few days ago that the place was wide open again. Also noticed a load of scaff going up along the front, so demo is definitely imminent. Let's just hope the façade isn't deemed 'unstable' once the rest of the structure comes down.
Sounds like I could've saved myself some hassle if I'd gone a month later but I didn't realise the demo crews were moving in soon. Ended up fighting undergrowth, climbing and taking a few injuries finding a way in as it was well and truly sealed up!


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Best be quick if you"re gonna visit as it"s not gonna be @ for long going off to-nights visit. They"re supposed to be saving some of it i read somewhere? very doubtful as it"s like Denbigh inside. I went through the floor numerous times, & there"s sections where the outer walls are separated from the internal structures. The roofs fucked in most places and going off what the Demo team are ripping out it"s gonna be Demo only IMO

But on a plus note the staircases are ok :D


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Been into town today and this was the view of the Girls School - Scaffold is up the boards at the front are down and the looked like they were putting PIR / Cameras on the scaffold.

Sorry for the pic quality it was taken using my bean tin phone.


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