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Report - Doncaster High School for Girls - Doncaster - May 2012


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This is my first report on 28DL, infact it's my first report of an explore on any forum. I'm fully expecting this to end up in the pit, but here goes...

Visited with Muttley.

The history of this place has been covered extensively in previous reports, so I won't go over it again, but what I will say is that the future doesn't look too great for this beautiful old building.

Looking at previous reports by other members, it's clear that this place is deteriorating fast. All the windows are now boarded up, but there is severe damage to the roof which is allowing rain water in. There are puddles everywhere and the wooden parquet flooring has expanded causing large ruptures. There is extensive water damage throughout and even some pretty evil looking furry white mould. Oh, and everything is covered in a healthy layer of pigeon shit.

Supposedly there are plans to turn the bulding into a swanky boutique hotel, but I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up going the same way as the Odeon/Gaumont nearby. :(

Now for the photos.

Unfortunately, I was a little under-prepared as I hadn't expected it to be so dark (The windows weren't boarded last time I looked). I need a bit of practice focussing in the dark and I need to get myself a decent torch for light painting the dark bits.



Lower Ground Level


Central Staircase





Upstairs Coridoor




The Hall


Big thanks to Muttley for tolerating my noobism and also for lending me a torch. :thumb