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Information - Don't go near Dobroyd mill, October 2017

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After driving into Hepworth we noticed this massive mill after a closer look we saw alarms and CCTV everywhere. We thought this mill was way too good just to pass so we hoped out of our car and went for a closer look... all we saw around the mill was boards (not looking hopeful) but then a smashed window. Great lets climb in have a quick look around. Bad idea after going into this place straight away an alarm went of saying 'YOU ARE TRESPASSING PLEASE LAEVE THIS AREA IMMEDIATELY' we sprinted out of their as fast as we could... waiting in our car for 1hour no-one came so we decided to head back in also not a smart idea what we was met with was shit scary 5 vans pulled up on the drive a man standing near the entry with a white helmet and a hi-viz vest and work men everywhere.






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I'm going to have to go back now...

Seems like they have really beefed up security since I was there earlier in the year. It was more or less a walk in.

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