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Built as a vicarage around 1904, on land donated by FJ Savile-Foljame to serve the rapidly growing mining community. For decades it served as the original vicarage for St Lukes Church, until a modern, smaller vicarage was built in the early-mid 1980's. During its time as the vicarage, one of the serving vicar's daughters suffered a horrific death after her nightdress had become engulfed in the flames from the open fire. From the mid 1980's it was an old people's home until its closure around the year 2000. The building went on to become a doctor's surgery and healthy living cafe, the upper level was converted into flats. Since July 2012 the building has remained empty and has been subjected to vandalism, material theft and arson attacks. In 2017 alone the building was set-alight six times, after which calls were made to demolish the arson-hit structure.
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Until recently this place has been sealed up tight since the last fire, going in we noticed absolutely no graffiti what so ever, tho the walls are very charred. not too much left but some old cabinets and chairs, but the walk around was interesting. From what ive heard it was opened up only just a day ago and is expected to be sealed off again within the next coming days. thanks to a tip off ofa local explorer and friend, I was able to get in before they sealed the building off again. the first two floors are safe to explore, but the third floor was far to burnt and dangerous. im definitely pleased with this explore.
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