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Report - Dorchester Hotel Hull, May 2013


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Visited on my Jack Jones (again) May 2013

The Dorchester Hotel was first built as three separate houses in between 1863 and 1869, Dorchester House, Tamworth Lodge and Stanley House. In 1937 Stanley House was converted into a Guest House and by 1958 all three houses had merged to form a 58 Bedroom Hotel named the Dorchester. In 2002 The Dorchester underwent a major refurbishment and modernisation, not only bringing it back to its former glory and traditional style, but back to its original concept.

The hotel went into administration and closed down in 2008, unfortunatly the exteria has become victim to vandals and tatters, the windows have been smashed and lead stolen from the roofs, hence causing the building to allow the elements in.

Before it closed its doors for the last time the dorchester was a 25-room hotel with a nightclub and bar attached, and was on the market for £950,000.

I found a Hull Civic Society Newsletter on the internet regarding the area in general with a large section regarding the hotel, which i have copied below,

"The Dorchester Hotel was originally a group of three houses, built in 1861-62, to the design of the Lincoln firm of Bellamy & Hardy. It is a splendid example of fanciful Victorian design, with shaped gables, turrets, steeples and decorative brickwork. The largest of the three, Dorchester House, was the residence of John Bryson, who also commissioned the villas on the northern side of Pearson Avenue, Dorchester Terrace (1865), designed by William Kerby. The slope of the hipped roof and a vertical line in the brickwork show the northern end of Dorchester house. The porch of the second house is now indicated by the sign “Function Suite” and the entrance to the third house is surmounted by a turret and spire and the sign “Expressions”. One of these houses (possibly the middle one) was called Tamworth Lodge. Stanley House, mentioned in an 1876 directory may be the third house. John Bryson, born in 1824, was a partner in the firm of Bryson & Jameson, ship owners and timber merchants of Queen‟s Dock, North Side. He was shown living at Dorchester House in 1867, but its occupant in 1876 was Henry Croft. Bryson does not appear in the 1881 census at all and may have died by then. His partner, Robert Jameson, was living at East Ella (corner of Anlaby High Road and Calvert Lane) in 1892. Further research into John Bryson, his house and his company must wait until all the Hull directories and other documents become accessible again with the opening of the new History Centre. Sadly, the Dorchester Hotel closed last year and is now for sale. Whether it re-opens as a hotel or is converted back to residential use, it is important that a new use be found for one of Beverley Road Conservation Area‟s most interesting buildings."

It only seems fair to mention HCS as i have used some of there work, here is an address to put into your browser to the whole newsletter.
had to do it that way as it wouldent work as link ?


The building Has recently been bought and currently has contractors in doing asbestos surveys and weather tight repairs to the building

now on with the pics




Behind the reception desk


Through into Sulivans Bar




Into the Kitchen



The function room

stairs to the night club on the first floor

Ground floor bar

Night club bar

Dance floor

I really wanted to go into the cellar but this was on the door

But heres a peek from the top of the stairs

and one last shot for now for all you decay lovers lol

:Not Worthy sorry the pics are not the best, this was a spur of the moment thing as i was passing, not properly kitted and no tripod

thanks for looking


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