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Report - Dorking Deepdene Railway Control Centre - Surrey - January 2018


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Another local one that I've been wanting to do for ages, but never got round to it until now.
It's filled full of asbestos, so I made sure to bring my good PP3 mask, but even that wasn't enough probably.


During World War 2, the Southern Railway took over the Deepdene Hotel near Dorking in Surrey for its wartime emergency headquarters. In the grounds they excavated an underground control centre taking advantage of a network of existing natural caves that had been acknowledged 300 years before in the diaries of John Evelyn. Because of the natural protection afforded by the location of the caves they were eminently suitable for the development of a bunker to house both the headquarters' telephone exchange and Traffic Control who also had their underground control centre there with underground divisional controls at Woking (South West Division), Southampton (Western Division), Orpington (South Eastern Division) and Redhill (Central Division)

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I got a message in the morning saying it's doable and to go soon. So a few hours later I was there and inside.
I'd been meaning to do this one for a long time now, especially as its pretty local, so now was a good a time as any.

It's actually not a very large bunker, but its nice for its modest size. The infamous 100 steps lived up to its reputation as terrifying. I only went up a few steps, but that's enough.

I actually bumped into another explorer here who got the fright of his life as I turned the corner and shown my light at him in a moment of confusion and panic. Turned out to be someone else who got the memo and took a trip down to see it from a little further afield.

A nice little bunker, rich full of history.




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Very nicely lit shots mate, top notch.

Those stairs were the only way in when we went and descending them was a very bum twitching moment.

Lovely little place though, great report.:thumb


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LIterally just got on the train at dorking deepdene, if only i opened 28dl 5 mins earlier! Great report!

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Are the stairs still the way in? or does this have an opening like coulsdon?

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Great work as always. I keep meaning to do here. I do love that staircase, love photos people take from the top too lol. Great lighting, really well represented :cool:


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Is this still accessible does anyone know?
I paid a visit a couple of weeks ago and it's still open.

It's currently managed by the travel company Kuoni (in the grounds of their HQ). They're moving in 'spring' whereby the council will take control again. I'd visit soon rather than later as you know what council's are like. I wouldn't dare enter via the staircase, just use the other entrance...