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Report - Dorothea Quarry-jan 2012


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There have been a few previous reports about this place which can provide you with much better details than i could about it so il go straight on to the pics







Since the reports so far have mainly covered this area i decided to venture to the other side of the site as it is quite frankly a massive area.
Just past were people normally park up to go do a spot of diving in the many underground tunnels is located talysarn hall. As you get to it you can see how the quarry buildings gradually got closer and closer until the hall itself was converted to meet the needs of the quarry such as here were it was converted into a shower room for the workers

The whole place in a great state of decay and covered in graffiti as you can see from this archway which I believe was the entrance to the stables


as you wander around you can still see a few original features such as this which i have been unable to find any info as to its use

you also have theses small pillars at what i imagine was one of the entrances to the actual hall

if you wade your way through the undergrowth and jump over a small wall you will come to what was once a driveway perhaps? now though it has a small stream trickling through it

if you follow it though you will come up to this entrance which apparently, even though personally i think it looks a bit small was a tunnel that the tramway used to run through

even though it is blocked by this fall about 150/200 meters in

there are still some good photo opportunities for those who have a better talent than myself with a camera and better lighting (these were all taken with just my army issue headtorch for illumination)





All in all this place is a nice spot for a bit of a nosey around on a nice summer day thou any intrepid divers should note that diving there is technically illegal and between 1994 and 2007 there were 22 deaths and a couple of hundred injuries at the site thought judging by this review it may well be worth the risk http://www.dooyoo.co.uk/sports-locations/dorothea-quarry-talysarn-nantlle-north-wales/1022189/

hope you enjoy

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