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Lead or Rumour info - Dover Bunkers near railway


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So on my way to Eastry yesterday my train went through Dover, and I can't believe that I've never spotted these before:






I got the pictures on the train on the way back, so apologies for low quality. They are just before the turn into Dover after you come out of the tunnel from Samphire Hoe.

As far as I can figure out, they must be something to do with Archcliffe Fort? I found a map/plan of the Fort, but the bits don't add up - the map has no tunnels marked on it. The bunkers themselves appear to be on railway property too?

Any help? I did wonder if these were perhaps the Winchelsea Caves or something similar?


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Dark Dog and Herbivore have seen inside - can't find their post atm. Archcliffe Fort's difficult to follow the plan of as it's had its south end cut away

Winchelsea Caves are in another part of town


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Ah these..si pointed these out last year ,never got round to going and looking


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Think I've solved my own question now :D


Looks to me like the bunkers that I took the photos of match up the the photos at the top of that page, and would make sense given the yellow bricks too. Was going to have a look at some point, not sure it'll be worth it now, looks a bit ordinary in there.
yeah thats them mate may even be a report up on here already


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Certainly nothing to make a special trip for sirjonnyp - Herbivore & I had a good look around and there's little of interest. I believe they are just Railway shelters that were later adapted to include blast walls for protection of workers/crew during WW2. I think there are about half a dozen all told from memory and they're not connected to Archcliffe Fort.


I think the original thread is long archived - KHF has as much info as you need.