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Report - Dover Detached Bastion March 2020


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With social isolation heating up a couple of weeks ago and our local shutting , me and a couple of friends decided to do one of our monthly road trips down to Dover before being forced into isolation for the next 3 weeks.

Firstly we visited the infamous Dumpy B which I think we’ve now gone to at least 3-4 times but it’s always a fun explore.
Then we came and found the detached bastion which my mate had been banging on about for quite some time.
We had visited the area before after completing some other tunnel explores in Dover quite late at night and had not been able to gain access.
This time however, we did our research instead of just showing up and we were able to gain access after some eventful climbing. We decided to climb over the bridge for this explore, however there is a much easier way into the bastion of you carry along past the bridge which is just a ditch that you can run down into.
Along the second bridge you can see the drawbridge, or what was once a drawbridge where previous explores have gained access by pulling rubble up agaisnt it. However this does look very unstable and not a safe climb.
We climbed down from the bridge and scouted it out, but we knew a easier entrance and decided to go to that one instead. However I am certain if you were to gain access from the drawbridge you’d gain access to more of the bastion as there has been areas that have been blocked off and filled in so that’s a note worth taking and probably something I’ll go back and do once social isolation is no longer a thing.

We carried on up to our designated path and climbed the wall necessary for us to gain access, which wasn’t too difficult. It’s more getting down that’s tricky.
Found the entrance and climbed in and the place is massive. This is also obvious from the outside that this is a very big explore.
I’ll attach the photos but it’s defiantly an explore worth doing, the place is huge and just has endless tunnels. There is also an amazing view if you can find your way to the top.

We revisited the location a few days later, specifically this Saturday just gone to show a couple of explorers who couldn’t come originally and funnily enough a lot of people had the same idea as us. I think we bumped into at least 5-6 separate groups so it’s obviously a well known and popular explore.
We got plenty of videos and photos, I’ve uploaded what I can. It’s an easy explore to find and quick to complete if you know what your doing. My advice, do not climb over the bridge to gain entrance as it rips your trousers to shreds, just go down the ditch into the mote and walk round.
History- Now this place is truly massive and I haven’t even been able to get round all of it and I’ve been several times.
The bastion is completely surrounded by a dry mote and was once a Napoleonic fort. The fort itself is also surrounded by several World War bunkers built into the cliffs and hills of Dover during the wars to watch for German invasion.
This bastion forms part of the North Line defences which runs to a drop redoubt to the Citedale



























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Fair play to you for crossing the bridge, I must have been here getting on ten times over the years and not once had it occurred to me to go over the bridge. Most people follow the footpath and head in to the dry moat further down. The bridges themselves lead to the North Entrance section of Western Heights, which has been documented on here and elsewhere fairly extensively and is a pretty nice part of Dover. Unless you go in with the WHPS, it requires a couple of tricky climbs.

The Explorer Returns

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Nice to see this again, did you go through the pipe? I thought about crossing the bridge but I couldn’t help but look down straight away lol bottled it after that.


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Nice to see this again, did you go through the pipe? I thought about crossing the bridge but I couldn’t help but look down straight away lol bottled it after that.
We never saw a pipe, but we know that there’s obviously other sections that we haven’t gained access to yet. We went over the bridge for a bit of a laugh, we knew the easier way down the ditch but wanted to see if the bridge was worth it

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