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Report - Dover Magistrates Court March 2019


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Dover's Magistrate's Court was built in 1987 to replace the court room in the town hall building, and closed in 2017 due to nationwide cuts to save the Ministry of Justice £500m a year. It boasts 4 court rooms, waiting areas, toilets with free toilet roll, the usual admin rooms and some cells. Essex firm Goodwill SIP purchased the lot for £910k, and they have applied for planning permission to convert it into apartments. Really isn't going to be any epic history surrounding a concretey relatively modern court building, unlike it's predecessor. Just a nice little local-ish explore that I meant to get round to sooner, and for once one that is above ground in the area.



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Ha! Haven’t seen this in a while! Good to see an update. Barely changed since I went. You got some lovely pics, nice one!


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amazed this has remained so untouched being where it is. Nice snaps there :thumb


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Nice..How was the access as I want to have a visit here but 2 hour drive so want to make sure I can get into the place?

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Very good shots, nice & clean still too. I am surprised its so clean. Good job :thumb:thumb:thumb

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