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Report - Dover trip Feb 11, Crete Road Reservoirs,The Grand Shaft & Winchelsea Tunnels


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Trog and Myself had been trying to plan this trip for awhile, so seeing as he had two days off in a row and I had holiday to use up it was the perfect time. So on the monday night we set off for Kent to catch up with Wevsky and Wifey. I was a little nervous as I had recieved an e-mail warning me of the madhouse however it was a lot of fun.

Once we had arrived we planned to check a few places in Ramsgate but ended up in Dover. We decided to hit up D.O.E which was a good first explore. Although the camera I had kindly borrowed off a friend had no batteries :banghead So unfortunatly no pictures.

After a very early moring call from 2 lovely dogs and screaming children we headed back out to Dover there was a few more places on the hit list and a few people to meet up with. The first place was the Crete Road Reservoirs after abit of a shakey start I made it across with the help of Space Invader.

Crete Road Reservoirs





We then headed to The Grand Shaft. However my car was now dieing quicker and I was becoming increasingly worried about driving about. With a helping hand from Trog who was using both hands to get the car into gear we made it.

Grand Shaft



We then nervously got back into the car to which appeared to still be getting worse. Therefore we decided one more explore done before we headed back to Weskys and decide what to do with the car. So we went on over to Winchelsea tunnels. These were an impressive set of tunnels and abit bigger than i expected them to be.









It was now time to head back to Wevsky's and decide on what to do about the car. After ringing a very useful friend we found out it was possible to change gear whilst the car was not on. This meant the drive home was to be a very intense and stressful one. It took us just over 2 hours and alot of other angery road users beeping at us but we made it. So now after a week of no car she is finaly finished being fixed today ready for another road trip!

Thanks for looking! :)

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