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Dover's Caves & Tunnels


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By Derek Leach OBE, with photos by Paul Isles, Stuart Kinnon and Barry Stewart.

A new book, but no new revelations on the honeycomb that is under Dover! A bit of self promotion in a way, 46 pictures of mine used throughout the book, along with a further 9 from my exploring buddy, Herbivore.

Publishing costs have meant the book is published in B&W unfortunately, but it's still a good summary of what's available to explore.

Available from W.H Smith & The Museum Bookshop in Dover at present. Published by Riverdale Publications, ISBN 978-0-9536166-8-8



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I feel myself being drawn towards Dover (though god knows when) having seen so many excellent reports here, so this looks like a very worthwhile read, thanks.


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Nothing wrong with a bit of self promotion,when i started up in dover it was a lot of your's and herbivores reports that got me researching some more!!
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