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Report - Dowding Mills, Sulzer, Middlesbrough June 2016

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Dowding Mills, Sulzer, Middlesbrough June 2016


Just a quick report from me showing Dowding Mills back in 2016 shortly after closure, decided this report may be worth posting seen as @dave made a good report of the place after his recent visit earlier this year I decided I maybe should have put this up earlier for others interested in SSI?

Visited with @BoroLad mainly as part of our Teeside Iron & Steel adventures between 2015 & 2016, this place was a busy little engineers workshops when the works where open, providing maintenance and repairs of SSI's pumps, compressors, turbines, motors and other equipment. It is sad to see places such as this also suffering closures when these big plants collapse, another 60 men loosing their careers, I wonder how well they might be getting on now almost 3 years later?


I can remember queing for these in one of my old jobs at the end of work on a Friday for the pub! :p

Plenty of bits of equiptment did remain when I visited, looks like it's all been picked up recently though...

Good old Sheffield Records kit

Not a lot left of this but it would have been a huge lathe machine for Redcar Power Station's tubines, I was lucky enough to find a canvas with a picture of the machine that tested them too in the offices.

Another interesting part too, a few old pictures of the old employees.

One of the old Dowding Mills repair tags before replaced by Sulzer ones.

Looks like somebody has had a good go at clearing the place up too in Dave's report!

Cheers for reading, I know it's not be an epic explore, but it's worth sharing...
Hopefully I'll be well enough to get back out on some epic explores!
TAW :)​


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Nicely done AW thanks for sticking this up yes it was well and truly stripped by the time i went. I,m kicking myself now for not doing this earlier. Great pics as usual.


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Sulzer was one of the main engine builders for alot of our now veteran locomotives,
another being english electric.
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