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Report - Down Below, Stoke-On-Trent, July 2018


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Hi guys, i haven't seen a report written on this for a while so here we go.

'Down below' is a storm relief drain found just down the Fowlea brook in stoke, finding it was fairly easy after a bit of trial and error and a bit of map work

So off we went over a bridge into the brook and after a short walk we come to the outfall, a large rectangular block placed in the side of the brook.

So the head lamps went on and in we went, the first thing that struck us unsurprisingly was the lack of water, the water line was very low and just a pair of wellies would of been more than suitable.

After walking for about five minuets we came to a split in the drain, both sides ran a few feet apart and came out together, no idea why it would have been made this way. Any ideas?

Carrying on further down the drain we stopped in open area all made of concrete with ladders leading to drain covers on ground level, we could hear music coming from above, must of been below a warehouse or something.

A nice touch we though was a grated sky opening, handy for us to have a look at the weather above ground.

Carrying on the drain started to wind like a snake and change direction and also we could hear the sound of water.

We reached the sound of the water, it was the main sewer line located underneath of a rather large processing room, the room has a lot of ladders and hatches leading up to ground level.

The best part for us was finding the switch for the lights something we had hoped to do.

Thanks for reading :thumb

The outfall

The split in the drain

Some reinforcing bar

The sky

Some sort of deposits


Another split

Processing room



Thanks again:thumb
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Good effort bud. Nice to see some Stoke drains. Ive done a few but never in stoke so its good to see

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