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Report - - Doxford Engines & Pallion (ship) Engineering, May 2008 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Doxford Engines & Pallion (ship) Engineering, May 2008

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Most of you know what and where this is in sunderland and its rich history, and probably its high gloss'd 80's downfall too, but from the last year that I've known this site it's gone from a pristine 80's themed explore thats holds charms in every room to a piked out destruct-O-fest in a very short space of time.

The site has been stood empty for best part of 15-20yrs, the power still on some circuits, and has its own special form of security in the form of the dodgiest house, and occupants, you've ever known (it has metal bars on the windows and doors for a reason you know ).

Onwards with the pictures, I'll start with some of the usual stuff, a few externals (not so intersting really from outside, its 1930's/50's brick I think), then go thru some of its little gems (well not all of them, theres loads of things to look at and ratch thru in there, well there was), then some blatent destruction in the name of copper and metals
There are a lot of photos, but I'm trying to capture whats there before it all gets ripped to hell, a lot of stuff has already gone, printers, telex machines (by the 10's!!), computers that are rusted solid etc etc, not to mention the theft of over 20 large cast iron decorated (very nice ones) radiators


frontage, inc circa1986 blackened glass atrium, complete with plastic plants and slate faced walls, sooo 80's, but moist!


the rear, not a great shot, but shows it, pallion engineering behind me, and the slightly seperate doxford engines were pushed into the more modern drawing offices (AFAIK, please correct if wrong, as there are 3 buildings and as you can expect history is a little hazy here).


ripped from a different album, this looking west along the river wear, you can just about make out the offices in the back left, brick building with a silver band around it. the (then) dormant dry dock of pallion shipping to the left under the bridge, it currently houses the (I fear, being chopped up as we speak) manxman, a steam ferry operating out of fleet and douglas


pallion engineering rear, window was ripped of by pikies between a visit I did with well wasp and a mate of mine not 2days later, some things had moved inside but I presumed clumsy expolorers, then within a week of that date, pikies had stripped the place out


a mini kitchen/bait room in the 3rd building, really nice cosy atomsphere in here! used to have a huge barrled ceiling made of glass on the south facing side to allow plenty of light into the drawing rooms (once set with tiled floors & cast iron uprights etc). to the right of this kitchen unit is a tiny little area with 2 or 3 tables in it and soem benchs, would have been a right laugh in there when working.


butterfly didn't make it


3rd buildings corridoor, behind me is the door that leads to the stairwell of the dodgy peoples house.


mmmm rotton stuff


upstairs 3rd building, loads of (empty) boxs full of stuff probably used to 'pay' for items mostly stolen likely.


vintage fire alarm glass


well wasp does his thing


funky wrought iron staircases, same at both ends


dumped phones from a previous era, well more than just the phones! the whole system is in there!!


basement of 3rd building, found this fantastic archive of ship building + engine design drawings, sadly all empty, although I think dweeb might have found a few on his visit a few months before??


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28DL Full Member
Re: Doxford Engines & Pallion (ship) Engineering, uber report 2008


mmmm, drawings


main building now, data tapes?


crazy room this one! these chairs haven't moved in decades! the carpet now more like a mini rainforest!


mmm filth


polish concreate, I really like it!


more modern fire systems in the main building


drawing rooms!


more ferns and rainforest like conditions, the humidity in here is quite something! however these ferns have now been trampelled by pikies


telex user guide mint! also stolen by pikies, why I shall never know!


visiting ladies toilets, power STILL on!


an example of the fantasticly detailed raditors and brass fittings found here, well you won't find them anymore, 20+ of them, stolen, by thieving pikies, if anybody see's this style come up for sale in the NE please give me a shout and I will pursue this


probably my favourite shot!, they didin't nick this,but they had a try!!


detail of the aluminium + glass sculture securly bolted to the wall, pikies have been snapping large shards of this sculpture off for scrap, and they have dismantled the retaining wall in an effort to make off with the whole thing! I'd hate to see this dissapear but I fear by now, it'll already be gone, again, see any sign of it, PLEASE give me a shout


mmm 80's crazy carpet, I really like it though, want this pattern in my room!


above the main reception USED to be a very large and openplan drawing room, but sometime in the mid to late 80's they built a very elaborate staircase and glass box and terraces around it, again complete with plastic plants, now just has T4H noisest pigeons you have ever heard
this little glimpse shows what it used to be like.


me and wellwasp toast to our seagul feast, all this was smashed up by the pikies, including the bird!! and the chairs, glass's, plates etc


the extremely moist tinted glass atrium thingy, plastic plants still surviving well

some lunatic lurking


bit different shot of reception, will replace this with the full pann when I get act together.


oh heck, PHONE SHOT!!


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28DL Full Member
Re: Doxford Engines & Pallion (ship) Engineering, uber report 2008


more phone loving almost expected the wall socket to still work! since all the lighting circuits are still running!


meh, I just liked this


know your enemy


in a vast pile of office stuff that was destined to be removed, but never was


drawing storage


lights still work!


liked this thing, big calc?


mate taking a pic, all these computers got nicked!! most of them rusted solid!!!


mmm keys


in an exec office, tacky veneered panel walls, and nasty partly hidden striplighting stuff


another nice radiator, also now gone


now my fav bit, down in the basement


playing with what looks like a wooden mouse!!


stamping kits and inks


cool machine, loved the colours in this!!


storage vaults, with metal mesh doors and a guards position!!


old school graffeti, some from 1910, although don't believe it, 1929/1940 was the earliest believable stuff, and there was loads of it!


see, loads!


arty one, if you can make it out, didn't come out so well after jpeg squishing


the vault!


who needs a dslr? LOL, ricoh FTW


ridiculous floor in reception! badly water damaged down one side thanks to pipe theft from pikies, but still, I'd make house space for this!!




upper corrdioor, main building, getting close to the source of the pidgeon infestation now, yuk


the hoff was here!! huge amount of documentation in here, but pretty rotton in places, unfortunatly this tiny room is right under one of the only roof leaks in the whole building!!!


ok gonna make this the last one! literally got 200+ usable pics but I think I've dragged on long enough LOL.

go and see doxford/pallion before its too late!!! you could even drop in on the remains of the manxman if you so wish!
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Re: Doxford Engines & Pallion (ship) Engineering, uber report 2008


dweeb room was one of the ones on the left, a tiny single office, on the right is the porno room and behind me is where the living filing cabinet is. if that helps you figure where it was . yes theres loads in there, a lot turned into mush, but still plenty to give an idea, oh and one letterhead is safe ;)

hehe, forgot the destruction part...


turn'd over tables, smashed computers and a whole table of computers actually stolen, unbelievable, since they are actually rusted solid both inside and outside LOL.



other side of the drawing room, notice they've been pokin into the ceilings and walls for cabling aswell

there was damage in every room since all the rads have been pulled out etc, but didn't take any pics, was to pished off
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