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Doxford House April 2014


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decided to go out today on my first urbex mission to see if I could locate where Doxford house is located. I am aware this has been covered many times before, but when I got there today I noticed I am too late as the demolition crews have started to demolish the site. I do apologise if I have posted this incorrectly have tried to follow the rules best I can.

History from Wiki
Doxford House is a derelict 18th century mansion in the Silksworth area of Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England. It is a Grade II* listed building
Formerly known as Silksworth House, it was constructed in 1775–1780 by William Johnson who on his death in 1792 bequeathed the property to his friend Hendry Hopper. In 1831 Priscilla Hopper then heiress to the estate married William Beckwith of Thurcroft. He was High Sheriff of Durham in 1857. The Beckwiths moved to Shropshire in about 1890 and the house was let out.
In 1902, Charles David Doxford of William Doxford & Sons, brother of Theodore Doxford, took out a 99 year lease on the 24-acre estate. On his death in 1935, his daughter, Aline, bought out the lease. On her death in 1968, she bequeathed the house and estate to Sunderland Corporation who gave the house its present name and turned the gardens into Doxford Park.
In 1989 the house became a students’ hall of residence for Sunderland University and from about 2000 to 2006 was occupied by the Lazarus Foundation, a drug rehabilitation charity . Plans to turn the house into apartments were proposed in 2008.




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Would of maybe better to put this in the "leads and rumours". I managed to get in last year, however the inside was blocked off and alarmed so had to make a quick exit. Hopefully it will be restored like WildBoyz has pointed out :)


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It is already in the process of being restored and the 1960's block has been demolished. You can follow their progress on Facebook..


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Yeah it's definitely being restored to it's former glory I lived there for 3 months 10 years ago and have been following its demise which saddened me so much. The photos of the restoration progress on their "doxford house" fb page are a little misleading I think though as the photos which look like part of ongoing repairs etc are pictures that were taken when I was living there. It's a beautiful house and I'm ecstatic it's going to rise again :) thanks for all your photographs guys and info x

Shaun wake

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Hi my mother and father are the new buyers of doxford house and the barn, I can't give you much detail but I can tell you that it is being restored to the way it use to be, on the photo that is just the extension being nocked down because that was never part of the house all of the outside of the house is being restored including Windows doors and even the entrance chains and lamp there had been gravel laid lately and new state of the art steel gates we have recently converted the barn upwards and outwards, which is now a 3 bath,6 bed, luxury house with built in swimming pool, 2 living rooms, 3 unsuites, 3 car garage, with 1 study/office which leads out to a balcony two of the house are fully equipped with security and lighting systems the former house is ready to be hopefully restored this year with 10 bedrooms 4 bathrooms 2 living rooms the grand staircase it being fully restored along with a library a brand new country style kitchen beautiful maized garden with double sliding patio doors leading from kitchen which every room will have refurbished doors double glazed Victorian era styled Windows and all throughout will be solid oak flooring with refurbished chandeliers the only big problem is, is the south facing room which was burned by arsonists but hopefully the house will look as good as it was when it was first built even the beckwith arms above the entrance is getting a nice touch up by one of the best stone carvers in the world overall cost of the project including barn gardens and even the odd touch up will come to about £9.6 million and please check out our Facebook page (doxford house) and please like it for further updates. Thanks