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They're a quality read, cheers for posting :thumb

Couple of safety brews were consumed reading these on night shift.


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Fantastic stuff

That's got me wanting to fuck work off to go out and mess around in drains


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28DL Full Member
Brill, thanks for that, never had a copy of the mag first time round, will definitely check these out!


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28DL Full Member
That was a fantastic read, can’t wait till the next ones, only done a few storm drains but it’s a whole new world and some great people down there......

Cheers Newage


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28DL Full Member
Whatever happened to sub-urban? They did a lot of london and manc drains, and this mag, their website is still up, but the last entry on their site is from June, 2011?


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So finally JD got around to an electronic versions of the Drain0r magazines... About time!

Some epic right here from the original lot who paved the way with this silly hobby View attachment 783067

Read all about it ♥

Drain0r #1

Drain0r #2
They're both fascinating, but the second edition seems to be quite the production! Any physical copies kicking about still? Nothing on eBay :confused:

Edit: I assume there were physical copies by the OP stating electronic version now available.