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Report - Drainage Tunnel, Beziers, France - November 2014


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I visited Beziers in the south of France last week. It was almost as if they were expecting me, every building I explored last time was sealed and I couldn't get into any others, of which there are many. So, I headed out of town to an industrial area my brother suggested and it didn't take me long to find this little concrete drainage tunnel. It begins outdoors and is just a case of hopping down and walking in. I thought it would just come out underneath the other side of the road but it went on for a few hundred metres before continuing outdoors. There was also a bit with a lower roof that branched off and seemed to go a lot further but as I only had my trainers with me it was a bit trickier to navigate without getting wet feet. I never thought drains would be my thing but I quite enjoyed it down there really and found it pretty relaxing. Also the photography aspect was an enjoyable challenge and I taught myself a few things. On my way out there was a confused looking Frenchman who kept saying 'Pourquoi?' to me as I left which was pretty amusing. Feel free to point out the correct terminology regarding this type of tunnel as I haven't got a clue! Anyway, here's some of my pics.

I can't imagine any drains in the UK with an entrance like this





Self timer, leg it, act natural and hope for the best :D


The following day I went back and had a look down this tunnel instead which involved a lot of stooping



It seemed to go on forever this one so will head back down there next time for sure

Thanks for looking :thumb


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And you"re fully clothed :eek:

That"s a nice tunnel for a lad wearing trainers mate :thumb

Certainly disappears in the distance as you say :)

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