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Hi thanks in advance for taking the time out of your day to read this...

i was just wondering if anybody is aware of any threads that show the dangerous conditions that can be present.
I have seen loads of threads of people having very positive explores and thats the way things should be, and i'm trying to familiarize myself with the possible dangers.
i am referring to threads showing maybe a drain suddenly filling with water, or encountering gasses and any other dangers.... i have read all of the informative threads warning of these dangerous, but im looking for some with some context like some photos and personal accounts, and as for the mines and caves, same sort of stuff, false floors, gas, rock fall, etc.... any help would be great i have used the search bar but and not getting very far barring the odd one or two posts

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Have a read of this is you still need help
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Pretty much all that stuff can be found on reports on here.......pictures of false floors,video of drains flooding,there are videos on YouTube of mines where you can hear gas detectors going off.

the only context you need to know is most of these result in death if you respond incorrectly