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Lead or Rumour info - Drake Island fortress is up for sale. £6m


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I just found out that Drakes Island fortress, in Plymouth Devon, has just gone up for sale with an asking price of £6m. A few explorers have posted some great reports of this beautiful and historic place, sadly I have not been able to visit myself but have sailed around it many times during my time there at university. I guess this now means that i really do have to go, before some rich spoilsport comes and ruins all the fun :)

BBC news link


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It's on BBC news about the sale and the £6million price tag they reckon itl be luxury home .maybe Mr Putin has his eyes on it? Or one of his oligarth pals


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Deffo worth a trip if you can get out to it. We went last year and were lucky enough to be sat on the roof whilst an air show took place :D


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Yer I saw that as well this morning, that's how I found this forum.

A very interesting place, shame it might be turned into a place for the rich and posh to spoil themselves.