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Report - Draycott Cross Colliery/Tunnel, 2010


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As I was sorting all of my pictures out on my external harddrive I found these. I haven’t dated the report monthly because we were there quite a while back.

It was my own and Sui’s first explore with Droid & Pace and they are top fellas, Since then we have hit some pretty sweet stuff up as a small posse.

This place is a little harder to find when you are stood looking down across the fields but once you have a rough idea it isn’t too bad. After wandering to the tunnel entrance we found a hole in the brickwork, tied a homemade rope ladder to some heavy iron gates in case we got stuck and disappeared into the darkness.

Pace mentioned that the air quality may be poor inside but we didn’t find it too bad, The fresh air tasted pretty nice on the way out though, After following the tunnel to a pretty big fallen in section where it has collapsed we headed down one of the shafts and got some photographs of the ‘tub’ stranded at the top...

Draycott opened in January 1909 to carry passengers from Creswell to Totmonslow. During its use the tunnel was prone to collapsing and attempts were made to strengthen the tunnel using steel hoops . The section of line between the north portal of the tunnel and Cheadle would be retained to serve the Colliery. The tunnel closed in 1922.

In about 1983 Puddleduck Colliery commenced production from adits just inside the southern portal of the old railway tunnel. A new two foot gauge tramway was laid in the tunnel with mine tubs hauled by cable. The colliery closed early in 1991 and the land was sold and the adits sealed...






Thanks for Looking, Gone...​


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