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Report - Drayton Dairy, Portsmouth - Feb 10


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I have not managed to find out too much about this site (even using google) except that the dairy closed in early 2009 with the loss of 60 jobs.
The site is earmarked for somewhere between 110-150 new dwellings.
I know the dairy has been here for at least 30 years and any more info on this site would be much appreciated.
The site itself is in the Drayton area in the north of Portsmouth and the access is unbelivably easy, even for a novice like me:thumb
As such the pikey's have been in and stripped the wiring, kids have been in and trashed it.
Most of the plant was removed by auction in late 2009 leaving mainly the building shell, pipework and a large walk in freezer on the process floor. What remains is still an interesting site to look around.

On with the photos


1st room I saw

milk bottle lables


spill wash station

Process floor

on the way to 1st floor area

Stairway to 1st floor

1st floor processing area

Large walk in freezer


2 large tanks

External shot of reception and offices

Loading bays

Dairy farmers

Oh, and yes there was still a smell of stale milk!
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