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Report - Dreamland Cinema + Bingo Hall (20/4/2010)


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Thanks for moving ;).

Finally we have done it! After nearly two years of reccy with many different groups of people, trying to get permission, and more reccy with Obscurity, me and fortknox0 have finally got in! (oFatJameso was also present, but couldn’t get in this time), we have also been back with Obscurity, Maniac, Muffie, and two others who aren’t on any forums.

When you get inside you see what damage pigeons can do, which is rather unfortunate, but not too bad :).

Anyway, on with a bit of history;

Dreamland Cinema was fully operational and had finished being built in 1935 and
was designed by Iles, Leathart and Granger, and was heavily inspired by ‘Titania Palast’ (Berlin 1924) and was used by Odeon from 1936. The two present screens were originally one auditorium, with the stage and Compton organ being the centre piece, this was changed at a later date and the two modern screens now sit above the ‘bingo hall’, which is decorated with statues of the Greek gods and still houses the original stage and organ! The Compton organ is the last one of its kind in situ and is mint, well hidden from view :). All original stair cases are in place with bronze hand rails which are quite impressive, and in the main foyer for the cinema is a similar Greek pattern.

The buildings design is an L-shape , with the front including a ground floor arcade and first floor restaurant (originally a bar and the ‘sunshine’ café), the main lobby runs down to an octagonal desk, with a circular design above, on the ceiling is a greek style design and also four horses being ridden by boys playing flutes.

The main corridor now gives access (blocked) by live ‘cosmo’ restaurant, on the explore the smell of Chinese was leaking into the lobby :), and also a live arcade, which have barricaded the doors shut with slot machines and such, the place is really nice to look around, and possibly not what you would expect to find in such a secure building.

More history and plans for the future of the cinema (although it has been decided it will be a museum by the end of this year) can be viewed here;
http://www.thisismargate.co.uk/PDF/5Dreamland Margate SC_ Conservation Statement final _comp.pdf (maniac found it ;))

On with the pictures.

The Exterior



The main lobby



The Main Cinema Foyer




The Screens





The Projector Rooms


The Bingo Hall






One of many Greek Gods that are around the room


A carving in the directors room


The Compton Organ!



The reason that this is such an amazing thing to see is because it is one of the few left of its kind, especially as it is still in the original place it was used, taking photos of this is hard due to the confined space!

Thanks for looking.

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