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Report - Drewton tunnel nr Hull - April 2012


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Me and non member T-Bone decided it was time to test my HID spot light so a visit to Drewton tunnel was in order as we have never been,


Drewton Tunnel is a disused railway tunnel on the now closed Hull to Barnsley railway line The tunnel is cut through chalk and the tunnel lining is a mix of bare chalk walls and brick. The first rail traffic used the tunnel in 1885. Drewton Tunnel is 1 mile 354 yards, and lies to the east of the shorter Sugar Loaf Tunnel and Weedley Tunnel.

The western portal of Drewton Tunnel is almost entirely buried with landfill and is situated in a chalk quarry operated by Stoneledge. This end of the tunnel has considerable deposits of mud on the former track bed washed in by rainfall as a result of local quarrying operations. The eastern portal remains open although is protected with a security fence. The tunnel regularly experiences chalk falls as the lining inside deteriorates in the damp conditions.
The tunnel has five airshafts, the middle airshaft situated adjacent to Riplingham crossroads being the deepest. The area around this airshaft was used a temporary camp for navvies building the tunnel.

Drewton Tunnel was closed to rail traffic in 1958. Since closure landfill has threatened the eastern approaches to the tunnel. The 83 foot deep Little Weighton Cutting has been completely filled in, as have other areas of open space around the eastern portal. [Comment removed]


My HID spot light takes long exposure down to 30 seconds from 12 minutes in Barnsdale tunnel a few months ago



Drewton tunnel is falling down – its quite scary

More steel wool for the steel wool fans (if there are any)

Got to the end to find it was almost dark

We found no science experiments on this visit

On the way back to the car we were stopped by the police who wanted to know why we were crossing a field with bright torches and after we explained our selves we were on our way, and they didn’t even take our names.​
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