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Drilling Concrete for ropes


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Sup peeps! Just a quick question, theres a really really really nice abseil very close to my house, however recently the council have had the audacity to renovate it and remove all the stuff we used to rig up to.

So heres my question, I know its not overly sensible to drill into brick as it tends to shatter, but would it be possible to mount an anchor point into the concrete instead of the brick?

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You can drill into concrete, and install bolts, eye hooks, etc.

We regularly do this and support very heavy railway Overhead Line Equipment supports from concrete roofs, tunnels, etc.

We also drill concrete to take rail baseplates.

Firstly dont use a domestic drill, as you will be wasting your time. You are best to use something like a Hilti, with an appropriate drill bit suitable for concrete. Assuming you don't hit any reinforcing you should get about 5 holes per drill bit (25mm x 350mm deep). If you hit reinforcing you will get to about 3 holes per drill bit.

Make sure you get the correct size/type of resin sausage/capsule as well. :)

If you need any more info call me ?