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28DL and UE in the News Drugs in Drakelow?


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It wasn't the part that the preservation group are in control of, it was a part of the tunnels segregated from this with it's own access. It was once part of the complex, but isn't any longer.


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By the time to trial will begin, it'll be nearly 2 years since the police did their raid. They said they had it under surveillance, but managed to 'swoop' when no one was inside.

I put a statement out in 2013, I won't be doing it again, it has nothing to do with me or the volunteers or anyone who hires the venue.

What I will say is when the news originally broke, we got an additional 100+ likes on our facebook page and have since just topped 1,440 likes. All of our open days have been fully booked and the support we are getting from the local community (well most of them) and the wider country is amazing. However the court case goes, the Drakelow volunteers plan to carry on.

Come and see what we do (BTW our next open day is fully booked)...

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