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Lead or Rumour info - Dudley Guest hospital and Cavendish house (10/01/2017


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28DL Full Member
This evening i checked out the guest hospital after seeing posts about it on this site, sadly it has now been completely demolished.
I also checked out Cavendish house (office building, dudley town center ) which is set for demolition this year and there is no signs of any way inside, all entryways have been cemented and bricked up.
There was a power room with some sort of big power transformer inside, the most interesting thing to see on the outside of the building.
It would be good to get inside and take some pictures before its destroyed.


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Dudley Guest hasn't been completely demolished, I drove past it just now. Scaffold is around the front façade, they're keeping that as part f the new development.
As for Cavendish did you check the entire perimeter? If so bad luck, not that there is much to see in there.