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Report - Dudley Ryder School, Sandon, Staffs, April 2016

A man called Martyn

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"The Dudley Ryder School was founded in 1824 by Lord Harrowby & opened in 1825. Originally there were two class rooms one for boys & one for girls & there were around 100 pupils in attendance.
It was described as a "quaint" building with the headmaster`s house in between the girls & boys classrooms. Parents paid 1/3 per quarter ( about 6.5p ) with the Earl paying 2/3 ( 11.5p ) for each child. Rules laid down in 1843 state that attendance should be days per week from 9:30am to 4pm but not on Saturdays.
Sunday school was 9:30am & at 2pm, both of which HAD to be attended. Children had to arrive five minutes before services. There was a quarterly payment of 9/- (45p) for copy books, but reading books & stationary were free.
In 1895 the building was enlarged. The School was also open in the evenings ( 1848/1849) so that any railway worker who wished to lean to read & write may do so while building the nearby railway.
Due to falling pupil numbers & government cutbacks the school was closed in July 1981 & the remaining 17 pupils went to near by Weston & Milwich schools. The building appears to have being lived after the school had closed, but has since become boarded up and disused"











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