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Hi, I thought for my introduction i’d show you an abandoned building I explored near Dudley Zoo.

So as it was by a busy zoo, we had to be careful going in so we didn’t get seen.

Once we got in and turned around a corner, we were in a giant hall. I think maybe the building was a theatre. Over exploring we found a kitchen, normal toilets and all the other typical rooms. One noteworthy room though was a room with a few heavy duty locked safes. Of course we didn’t try to open them, but maybe they have things in.

The roof was accessible though a ladder up a hatch at the top of the hall stairs. The view was nice but I wouldn’t recommend staying up there too long as you could easily be seen and there are a couple of fragile roof signs if I remember correctly.

We were not caught despite being very noisy and being there a while so I’m guessing there’s no security, despite signs claiming it is protected by K2. We didn’t encounter anything paranormal, which was a bit disappointing but it was never claimed to be haunted.

Pictures are attached, although I didn’t get any really good ones.





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I’ve added your photos to the report (even though they don’t show too much of the site) as they weren’t showing, you needed to click ‘insert full image’.

I’ve also edited your access information, this should not be advertised.

To make this a stellar report, you need to include a few more things.

• Firstly, placing it in the right section of the forum.
• Adding the official name of the site, rough location, and a month and year of the explore in the title.
• A little history in the body of the report.
• And a few more photos.

Have a read of this guide to help you posting a report for next time:

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Thats quite interesting be good to know a bit more of the history, shame u didnt have more light in there.

On a different note am I right in saying there is tunnels hidden under dudley zoo
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