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Report - Dunalastair Castle - APR 2017


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Backstory... Went to a museum in Perth, Scotland. They have a list of old castles. Dunalastair Castle was listed as 'Abandoned'. Challenge set...

Here's a shot from the 50's (I think) when it was still in use. It's quite shocking how much of a ruin it is now. I won't bore you with the history but if you want a brief look in to it HERE'S a link.


So here's how it looks now...


I think someone has recently bought it. From all the other photos I've seen online, it looks like work has begun on clearing the site, or at least tidying it up. Loads of tree's have recently been chopped down and a fence has been erected surrounding the main site.

Here's the main entrance


As much as I'd have liked to, there's not a chance I'd be going inside. What's left of the roof is barely held up and each room is filled with the rubble of what was holding it up.


This site is incredible, it's littered with gems (not literally although I'd bet a metal detector would reveal some nice artifacts). Just to the left of the picture above are two out houses. Couldn't tell what they were for but one had origianl caged windows. I took the shot above from what looked like an old garage and had the remains of a car within it.

I also found an undergound room, no idea what it was. Some kind of cold storage maybe. It had a grated roof entrance held on by a rock weighing it down and sloped walls. There's a tunnel entrance too. Only managed to get a phone pic though as a guy drove past in a truck. Probably the owner. He didn't say anything though. Any ideas of what it is, let me know....


Another side to it...


The site is peppered with buldings. Even walking in there's a huge farm building. It looks like it's being used as storage so didn't venture too far in. Here's a couple of shots of the entrance....


To the left of the entrance...


In the woods surrounding it there's a burial site... or rather the first burial sites.


The second site only has a single memorial within it.


That's the best of the images I managed to capture. I highly recomend a visit but I will say this, looking at the amount of work going on I don't think it'll be around much longer. Also, the access is great. You can drive right up to it.

It's certainly one of the best locations I've been too. I definitly think there's more to be found there too. This is all I came across in an hour or so of looking around.

Anyway, any questions...ask away.

Feedback would be good too. I don't really post anything on here so any critisizms are welcome.

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I'm writing a book. Dunalastaire is the setting for an ancestral home.

I would think the place has more than 20 rooms, as the Dunalastaire hotel built during WW2 has 32 and is much smaller.

Such a shame that there is not more written history on the current ruin, as well as the previous dwellings that were built on that land over the years. I can only imagine the stories that could be written!