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Report - Durham Palladium, Durham, March 2014


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Just getting back into sorting out photos and things after a hectic year and found these few photos from Durham Palladium on a visit last year. I wasn't well equipped at the time and never got a return visit planned so some of the shots are just blasted with a flash gun lol.

Yes its been done to death and you may have heard it before, but it opened as a Cinema in 1929, and as many Cinemas did in this era, it closed in 1979 and found use as a bingo hall. Its life as a bingo hall was short lived and it found use in the Mid 1980's as a Church, before closing completely in the early 00's.

We managed to locate some work lights that ran around the building which did make it a bit easier. We then also managed to find the main fuse boxes and had a bit of fun trying to get the main auditorium lights working, with some success!

The building is very unsafe inside, the only really interesting bit for me was the 1970's bar and the projection rooms.










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