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Report - Duston Roc Post Northamptonshire Group Feb09


1 of them cnuts off 28dsl
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went to this post on the way from another explore and on the way up the drive there was builders galore just to clarify from another post i read there is not a road going through here the farm buidings and house that are boarded have been bought by builders to regenerate the road is missing the site completly well thats what the builders said and seeing the amount of work taking place i believe them,
The post has a very high fence and a indoor resivoir next to it from previous reports it said the hasps were bent over but these are now not and the post was open not a surprise from the amount of people who have been saying they were trying to find it on a prevoius report.
the post still has alot in it and was in very good condition with good views all around.

this is a 91 closure


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