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Lead or Rumour info - E-On call centre Rayleigh Essex.


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28DL Full Member
E-On were/are one of the electricity suppliers for the national grid. This large building was a call centre for the company, closed for a while now, I have heard they will be demolishing it to extend the housing estate nearby.
Here is the post code if you wish to Google earth it SS6 9EE.
I have not had the chance to get a good look around, but on the main entrance in London Road there are lots of signs indicating 'Police Dog Training Area', also on site security.
Can give better details but not sure if my status allows PMs yet.


As you do
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I can asure you its as plain as anything inside, a vast empty space on two floors of nothingness...........


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Long time after original post. But this is not being built on with many houses nearing completion.