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Hey guys, and girls, righty ho, now this is my first post on here, ive been into this for years now, and finnally plucked up the courage to post and share some of my explores. Go easy on me please people, sein as your all a nice crowd like, feel free to give me some hints on where im goin wrong, and how i should improve on things, so i can refine them at a later date. Right, rant over, here goes nowt!!

After discovering this place on another post a few weeks back, and with it being in my area, i decided to get a few mates together and go for a pike!

Bit of history about this site, E.P. Bray & Co. ltd. Is part of Keiner & Co. ltd. And Manufactured inorganic pigments for plastics and associated applications. Colour ranges included Red, Orange, Green and Yellow pigments.
Situated over 8 acres of land Coombes lane works as it is also known closed down in 2006, there are numerous buildings to explore, plus nine workers cottages that are also situated on the site. most of the building are empty, but there is still evidence of the mills former use. in the main warehouse the colours of the dyes that they used to colour the plastics are stained all over the walls which really does give an otherwise empty mill some appeal, there is a lab onsite too which is quite interesting, as a lot of the equipment is still there. Right i think thats enough talkin for now, visited on the 29/1/10 with tommy dizzle, kat and alan b , was a real good day!!! :thumb Heres the pics ppl!









5. I loved the colours on these bricks...






8. Lonley chair shot,










Okidoki then, ive got loads more pictures of this place, but i think that 12 is enough for now, if this post comes up alright, i might just add a few more soon. Please feel free to let me know if ive gone wrong somewhere, give me some tips and hints like, thanks people!! :thumb
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