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Report - Eagle House // London - Nov 2010

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Ill Funk Freaker
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After a day of sixth-form interviews and revision for exams I felt that I deserved a well earned break. I didn't quite make the time for any views on Fireworks Night, but there were still plenty of displays to feast my eyes on. A completely new view over London for me, a spectacular one too. It took a bit of thought to worm our way about this maze of a site but it was well worth it. People have had varying experiences of this place, but my verdict is that it's an easy one albeit Mr Security guard's done a fairly good job of locking the right doors! My advice for anyone who's planning a visit - get the correct set of stairs as soon as you can or you'll be forced to comply with a hundered mucky ladders and various tricky maneuvers; I found out the hard way :eek:

Highlights - Watching perculiar firework arrangements in council estate courtyards and feeling pr0 while sneaking about the bottom floors in full 007 fashion. It's a good adrenaline type 'mooch', lots of little noises mistaken for others making the experience extra tense. Explored with a friend.





And finally, the pair of us taking in a highly original and enjoyable view over the city.


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