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Report - Earls Barton ROC Post - Bedford Group - Nov 2009


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Very strange post this. The post sits between two ditches, next to a rugby club car park. Old reports show it trashed, and more recent ones show some tidying. All of the polystyrene tiles have been removed, and lie in a black bag on the surface. Everything that was left in the post has been brought to the surface and dumped in the compound, and a load more rubbish has been dumped there too. The torlift hatch is missing, and an old wooden door and black plastic has been put in its place. Internally the post is stripped and smoke damaged. There is a bench made out of wood and tyres, and small LED lights on the ceiling and bench. The monitoring room door has also been put back on. Someone has obviously gone to a lot of effort to strip it bare and get everything to the surface, but it appears to just be used as a den! Real shame to see a 91 closure in this state :(


Black bags and junk litter the compound


Replacement hatch!


Looking down the shaft

No internal pics as I forgot my tripod! :(


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