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Video - Earnley Education Centre, Chichester (Youtube Channel Exploration)


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28DL Full Member
Hello everyone!

As you may know Earnley Education Centre has sparked new interest in the area of Chichester. I decided to take full advantage of this and take a trip with @Smidgey88 to explore it before the kids took over. And what can I say! it was much bigger and more interesting than I was expecting. If you have the chance to check it out please do, you won't regreat it at all.

We began our explore by parking in the carpark next door (Convenient) and then we began rolling the video! We started at 6:30pm and finished at 11:00pm. Never thought I would be in there that long! Without boring you more with my chatter, here is the video from our visit. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it meets the quality guidlines on this forum.

Also I may post my photos on the forum if people are interested to see them also!