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For all of those who visit Earthworks on the regular or is thinking about it. The news has travelled about the place being demolished soon with all the new notices up although nothing has changed as of yet.

I can't say too much as my mother and I both work for the police. However, she took a call the other day for a 14 year old girl who had fallen 30 foot from the factory and shattered her pelvis. Life changing injury in a split few seconds.

Please be very careful if you do choose to go. The place is amazing but also a death trap. It hasn't been safe for years but just wanted to warn other explorers of the obvious dangers.

Be safe out there,



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28DL Full Member
I'm happy that i got a chance to see the place before it gets demolished. A few of my friends spent a few hours having a good look around and managed to make it to the very top of the main tower, and we also got to the top of the main silo.

It is definitely a dangerous place to be if you don't take the correct precautions. Sad to see the place go really...

Jamie Roberts

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CJ, thanks for the heads up. I thought I would go one last time this weekend but it was too late!! The place has been razed to the ground. Now it's just a pile of rubble and a few diggers. It was good while it lasted.