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Report - Easington Beck "Grinkle Culvert" Dec 2009


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28DL Full Member
Due to the many recent threads which have been posted in regards to this place I thought now would be a good time to strike whilst the iron is still hot.

I’m not going to go into the history of this place as it’s been documented many times on here and various other places, but will instead showcase the photographs I took. Instead of going on about the history I will try to be descriptive with each photograph.

The idyllic scenery directly above the culvert workings.


Eastern entrance to the system


Once inside it became clear the place was verging on collapse. Should we turn around and go home or should we progress anyway? we chose the latter :)


One of the most photographic sections of the tunnel pictured below was recently removed and replaced with a concrete tunnel during 2015.



Just up from the propped up steel section of the culvert lies this more secure carved out rock section, again this takes on the appearance of a mine working, to which at one time was prevalent in the immediate area.


Just to the right after the steel section is this little offshoot. Here another local beck enters the culvert. Like many I didn't quite fancy crawling through. Another day maybe!


Up at the Western entrance we discovered the usual route for the water was blocked which caused the water to build and overflow into the culvert, along with the ice this took on the appearance of a winter wonderland.


Looking back down the tunnel from the Western entrance.



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