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Lead or Rumour info - East Dulwich Hospital


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Couldnt find any info on here so here goes...

Visiting a friend in east dulwich a few weeks back and first noticed it. Its actually still running.

I went there last week, theres a lot of windows boarded up and half of it has been knocked down, theres even a row of houses on site that have also been boarded up.

i had a quick nosey around and couldnt find much apart from some old crappy toilets that havnt been used for a couple of years and some other lil tidbits but i think theres much more on offer there that i just couldnt find.

I spoke to a woman on reception and she gave me the site managers number, just called her and asked, she said no and that shes had a few requests, surely someone has forgot to lock a door somewhere or whatnot, if anyone whos good at finding that sort of thing wants to pay it another visit with me perhaps?


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Not sure if this is the same place but just saw this post from London Dreamtime:
"Dulwich community hospital, interesting space, much of it unused and empty pending redevelopment..."
Looks like it's still in the same state as it was a year ago then.


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I'm back in London for a couple of weeks from Uni and would be interested in checking this out as its local to me :)