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Report - East Lane, Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire, 12th June 2010



This is a bit of a late report, only because it turned into an obsession with finding out the history of this place.

I heard on a tip off that there was an old industrial complex in east lane near abbots Langley, not far off the m25. I found out that this was an old victorian waterworks and industrial complex with several parts to it. so we set out from Bedmond towards the complex, crossing under the M25. An interesting tunnel, filled with the spoils of many a flytip and joy ride.



We worked our way down to the first site, which on google shows up as a square of trees. It is in fact a reservoir for the pumping station, i suppose to supply water for the local area, but it seems it has been empty for quite some time, with some signs of someone actually living there. My hat goes off to them. Chris was scared so I ventured down to find rubbish i didn't even think fitted down the hole!



We walked further down to the abandoned industrial site which is truly derelict. The pumping house has long since stopped and it seems most of the machinery has been taken away. Most of what is left is mostly fly tipped trash. Some of the buildings are interestingly perched on the last remaining bricks with the signs of it "raining slate" on several occasions, making us careful.







We then went to walk away our minds cast back to a strangely overgrown "park" we had passed by. We noticed some grave stones perched on a wall beside the complex and this made us curious, so we walked back to discover that the park was in fact an abandoned Graveyard. We found grave stones dedicated to servents of "this hospital" making us ask "where is the hospital?"




After making all the usual spooky noises to accompany the mystery, we walked further into the thicket of the GYard to find a strange building we at first thought was a crypt. To our disappointment, we found no skeletons, only empty drinks bottles and that it wasn't a crypt, but an old pill box left from the var. Interesting, but not a skeleton.



After arriving home, satisfied by the water works, we began to research what East lane was.


East lane was once rear to Leavesden asylum and the waterworks served the building and the community as a whole. The waterworks was adapted into the local network in 1980 and the site was used by tradesmen, i guess mechanics/coachworks due to the left over bus and car parts. When leavesden closed in 1997 it was turned into a housing estate etc and thus, east lane withered. The cemetery was a place of burial for many patients who died in the hospital or staff who served the hospital through their lives. Many of the grave stones are overgrown and have toppled down. It gives a strange feeling of forgotten lives which scares the crap out of me, but leaves you feeling pleased you found a mystery!

If you want to see the rest of the pics you can visit:

hope you guys enjoy!

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