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East Midlands explorer.


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28DL Full Member
Hi, been exploring for a few years now, mainly in derby, Notts, Lincolnshire areas, explored places such as disused lunatic asylums, manor houses, mills, military camps, tunnels and industrial sites. My photo skills are slightly embarrassing so I don’t post, so if anyone wants to trade information DM me! And if anyone can give me tips on how to take a decent photo will also be highly appreciated... :)


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28DL Full Member
These are a few shots that I’ve got on my phone, the night time photos was taken in a Lunatic Asylum, I know photos will never look as good taken in dark but no matter what camera I use (I have a couple) they always just look terrible ‍♀ And my day time ones I’ve posted aren’t anything impressive either, maybe I should just stick to the exploring part.








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Loose the wonky shots

Get a tripod,they even do ones for phones

Check your phone to see if it can do long exposures and use a torch to light paint dark areas


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As Pirate says, first and foremost is use a tripod, and then I’d add a remote or cable shutter release. If you’re using a phone, get an app so you can manually adjust exposure time. For instance, that corridor shot would probably want a 3-4 second exposure, then use a torch as if you were painting the walls with light, wave it back and forth / side to side to shine it on every bit of wall or ceiling you want in your shot. It takes a little bit of practice, but not much, and the results are well worth the effort.

All the photos in this report - https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/threads/supercharger-b-and-a-manchester-march-2018.112516/ were taken with a phone, tripod, remote and torch in a pitch dark drain, so it can be done. Iirc they were mostly 6 second exposures.

Finally, as has also been said, keep it straight. Urbex tilt is okay if you’re pinning them on the wall, but for here verticals should be vertical – nobody walks around with their head to one side, why would you want you photos to look like you do?

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