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Report - - East Sussex County Asylum - Hellingly -March 2009 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - East Sussex County Asylum - Hellingly -March 2009

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Visited this week, at least another 12 explorers in there at the same time, little bit of history:

Designed by prominent asylum architect, George Thomas Hine, Hellingly was to be one of the most advanced county asylum designs at the time of its construction and can be seen as a smaller scale enhancement of ideas employed at the London County Council's Bexley Asylum. The site, forming part of Park Farm was located to the north-east of Hailsham a short distance from Hellingly village and railway station. The site sloped south and the northern area was bounded by woodland. A minor road was re-routed to maintain the security and privacy of the site.
The main building was to comprise of the usual core facilities of administrative block to the north, followed by central store, kitchens, recreation hall and assistant medical officer's residence at the southernmost tip. To the west stood the male wards, workshops, boiler house, water tower and maintenance department as well as a goods and engine shed used in connection with the hospital tramway. The east side of the main building was occupied by the female wards, laundry, sewing room and a nurse's block. All theses areas were linked by an extensive corridor network.

Wont go mad with loads of pics, beacuse thats not what I'm about and there's already loads posted up.






















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