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Report - East Wanks, Swinton - March 2013

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East Wanks, Swinton

Explored with ViralEye, March 2013

After a night of disappointing tiny pipes too small to get through we settled for this little culvert that I've had my eye on for a while. It runs under the East Lancs road and is quite featureless, hence giving it a suitable name :D

Originally built in 1929 at the time of the construction of the East Lancs road...


The main construction is square concrete box just big enough to stand in.....


Theres a few twists and turns before arriving at the only inspection chamber...


which has a small 3' RCP flowing into it that ViralEye chanced a crawl up to find only a manhole shaft at the end....


Through the chamber, the box continues...


...arriving at the only other manhole shaft...


followed by even more boxy goodness...


...which then changes to a section of 5' RCP...


Once in the RCP we heard the rushing of water so was hoping for another chamber or even a water fall but it was not to be, it was the partially blocked and grilled infall...


Not the most interesting drain in the world, but we still managed a good few hours under there playing around with the lighting :D