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Report - Eastend House Carmichael April 2012


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Ok here goes my first attempt....The history of this place has already been done in similar posts so I wont bore you with the detail. Suffice to say it sits in woodland in the Carmichael estate near Biggar in South Lanarkshire overlooking Tinto Hill.



First impressions of the building is that it's mighty impressive from the outside. At first glance it looks tightly secured and well boarded up but with a bit of perserverence I soon found a way in. Not knowing what to expect all I had with me was my camera. The bottom level is boarded up tight with very little light coming in..pitch black in fact. A head torch or similar is needed here.


The second level is well lit with big spacious rooms and windows so taking pictures was quite easy here....lots of doors and long hallways to explore....some of the rooms are in a bad way and probably wont last another winter. Evidence of extensive damage to walls and floors.

There's a fabulous winding staircase and it's pretty secure and another equally impressive one at the back to take you to the top levels. Lots of pokey rooms to explore and nooks and crannys to keep you busy.





Lots of damage upstairs and in the hallways but by taking your time you can see the vast majority of what the house has to offer.

In terms of ther atmosphere it is a spooky building with creaking doors and other strange noises and if your of a nervous disposition dont go alone.

There were signs of previous urbexers being there with strategically placed manequins in some of the rooms. One of the big rooms with the manequin and the cradle in it is badly damaged and the floor looks like it is about to go so be careful.



I had the place to myself and was there about three hours and still hadn't seen it all.

Also be careful as the owner apparently comes by periodically to check the building so best to keep the noise to a minimum. I intend to go back soon a bit later in the evening with a couple of people to get more atmospheric shots and try and be a bit more creative.

So thats it my first report :thumb
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