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28DL and UE in the News Eastleys Quarry - Underground Wine Cellars in Wiltshire

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In the Daily Fail today

Eastleys Quarry at Gastard converted into secure wine storage since 1988. Handling over four million cases of wine a year, Octavian has the capacity at the Eastlay cellars to store over 800,000 cases in ideal conditions, 90 feet underground, constant year round temperatures, absence of ultra violet light, no vibration and full humidity control.

Stone mine opened 1800
Mining ceased 1900
Ammunition depot 1935
Number of staff during war 2800
Last used by M.O.D. 1966
Taken over by Octavian 1988
Underground area 32 acres
Equivalent to 18 football pitches
Slope shaft has 157 steps
Slope shaft is 100 meters long
It drops you 30 meters below ground level.

I do actually know somebody who works in here, maybe I should start badgering them for a permission visit, not aware of any reports on it in here

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It's Eastlays

I've been in there when I used to work for Cert Logistics, who used to own Octavian.