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Report - Eastmoor Secure Unit - Leeds - may 2010


disco legs all the way :)
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After a Fail at High Royds it was time to fall onto a back up and this was it and not a bad way to spend an hour or so.
Visit with Bugsuperstar

Opening in 1857 as “Leeds Reformatory for Boys†but later becoming “Eastmoor Approved Schoolâ€. Originally when it was operating as “Leeds Reformatory for Boys†a child under 14 would be sent here for ‘crimes’ such as:

*Consorting with thieves

However when it began operating as “Eastmoor Approved School†and later “â€Eastmoor Secure Unit†it began to house criminals of a more devious nature including Jon Venables (One of Jamie Bulger’s killers)

After it was closed as a childrens home it was used as a university campus by the University of Leeds up until 2003 when a new campus was opening.

Buildings included a swimming pool, dentists, church (later used as a gym), laundry and of course staff housing

First thing i looked for was the swimming pool.



then it was a walk around the site that is now very trashed.





And the very much active youth unit next door. This made the whole explore a bit tense as we didn't know the area and this is how close the active unit is.

Thanks for looking


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Hi, There was no staff housing on the plot. The separate building has been mistaken for that but it was the 'intake' house.
All new residents went in here to be assessed as to which group/year they will be allocated to.
Most excellent and much cleaner pic of the pool. Thanks for that and the rest. Great album.


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Cool - is it still up and standing?
I have seen it on other pages. It is a large, detached from the rest, brick building. If there is any
signage anywhere it was called Martin House. It was built around 1958 ish

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